Friday, November 7, 2008

IKE Classroom Recovery Project

This is about the time of year that Sunday School classes and church small groups begin to think about what to do for a group Christmas project--do I have a suggestion for you, especially if you are part of a Presbyterian congregation in the Synod of the Sun.

SCRAPCE (South Central Region of the Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators) is sponsoring the IKE Classroom Recovery Project to help congregations devastated by the storm rebuild and re-equip their Christian Education space.

Remember IKE???? We sure do.

Congregations that will be assisted by the project are First Presbyterian, Galveston; Emmanuel Presbyterian, Galveston; West Isle Presbyterian, Galveston; and Hurricane Gustav-damaged Baker Presbyterian, Baker, Louisiana.

Donors can elect to fund all or part of a classroom and will be put in touch with the recipient congregation so they can share prayers and develop relationships as well as send money. SCRAPCE will match the donors with congregations to ensure that the funds are spread equitably.

For more information about the project and how to participate, go to the Hurricane Ike Recovery page on the New Covenant Presbytery website. Scroll down to the middle of the page to the Classroom Recovery Project links.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 9 Hurricane Ike Recovery Update

This just in from Co-ordinator Tricia Pogue:

This is a very abbreviated update but wanted to report some very important dates and processes being put into place.

Dates to remember:


More than 200 homes in Sabine Pass were either destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Ike. Residents are planning to live in tents, travel trailers, etc. until they can rebuild their homes. Help is needed clearing residential properties of debris.

To volunteer, please call Pam Trosclair at the
Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce at (409) 963-1107.
Check-in begins at 8 a.m. Work starts at 9 a.m.

WHERE: drive to Sabine Pass~ there is a 4 way stop. Turn right. There are only 2 structures remaining! The Sabine Pass High School and the Athletic Complex across the street. You will meet at the Athletic Complex by 8:00am and sign up your teams and they will send you out to work! Goal is to clean up properties to begin to have the community move back in with travel trailers to live and begin their long term recovery process.

Supplies needed include:
▪ Wheelbarrows ▪ Ropes ▪ Yard tools ▪ Pitch forks▪ Rakes ▪ Small BBQ pits ▪ Small bags of charcoal ▪ Charcoal lighter

To volunteer, please call Pam Trosclair at the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce at (409) 963-1107.
Bring boots, gloves, sun screen, and bug spray.

October 13-14: Spiritual Care Training: 
PDA is planning to hold a Spiritual Care Team Training in Grace Presbytery, October 13-14. Grace and Arkansas Presbyteries are planning to be partners in this venture. Pastors, Candidates for Ministry who have completed CPE, and Pastoral Counselors, in particular, are invited to participate in this training. Participants in the training will receive both PDA and American Red Cross training. They will be asked to commit to be present for the entire training which is scheduled for noon on Monday, October 13 through 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 14. 

Participants will be scheduled, as the needs arise, to spend 2-3 days in the Gulf Coast Region, and possibly the Rio Grande Valley, providing spiritual care to people affected by Hurricanes Ike and Dolly, including those in that region who have been the primary caregivers since the beginning of these storms. 
For more information send an e-mail to RICK CARUS rick@gracepresbytery.org or call him at 214.630.4502 or 800.678.4502. Please register by Thursday, October 9.

Just in….. News Story:
According to Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce:
The mayors of Nederland, Port Neches and Groves and the First Baptist Church Groves organized a clean up day in Bridge City last Sunday and 3000 volunteers cleaned up all day! There are also 12 18-wheelers coming to deliver an assortment of needed supplies over the coming days!

Also, Carol Flores, from the Lutheran Services reported 400 showed up in Galveston last Saturday for a clean up day!

Please send me any updates and stories of hope and encouragement you want to share.

Just a few ways to help now!

Charlotte Wells is the coordinator for St James Presbyterian Church, La Porte and she has two immediate needs for their area:
1st - City Hall needs daily help handing out ice, water and MTE's every afternoon and evening. I think they finish at 7:00 pm. The busiest times are from around 4:30 until 7:00. It requires picking up ice, water and meals and setting it in people's cars.

Contact: Rhonda at the City of Shoreacres - 281-471-2244

2nd - trash clean-up in Shoreacres' Heron Park and the bayou. People need to wear heavy shoes/boots and bring garbage bags and gloves. Charlotte will be the contact person and can meet at whatever time is convenient for the volunteers. The earlier the better in case it is hot and humid.
Contact: Charlotte Wells 281-842-7764 or 281-455-9595.

Volunteer Work Team Overnight Coordination:

• Since PDA has a call center already in place to coordinate calls from congregations and individuals who want to help with clean-up and recovery efforts we are going to have them schedule all “OVERNIGHT” work groups. This includes any groups staying in “host churches” and the up and coming PDA villages. Once you contact the call center and register, they will send you the appropriate forms to fill out and a skill assessment form for your group so that we may connect the gifts and talents of each group to the appropriate work site. The requests I have already received are being processed through the call center this week and Penny and her volunteers will be contacting you to coordinate these efforts!

• Please call or email Penny Noel at our PDA call center
866-732-6121 or
• Our need will be to coordinate work sites for these volunteers. We are working within our Presbytery, various organizations already in place and other denominations to begin to coordinate these efforts.

To become a “Host Church” you must have showers, kitchen and sleeping area for work teams. Please call Tricia Pogue to coordinate these efforts. We have two already in the Houston area working through the forms and process and should be up and going very soon. We need more host churches and will welcome your call.

Our IKE Recovery Team is continuing their efforts and will have a conference call tomorrow and I will be reporting any news as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your prayers

Tricia Pogue

Presbytery of New Covenant, Volunteer Coordinator for IKE Recovery

PH: 281-957-5859


1511 El Dorado Blvd.

Houston, TX 77062-3422

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September 30 UPDATE

Administrator's Note: Mike Cole sent this yesterday, and I am late in posting it.

The Ike Recovery Team met today and organized itself into four primary areas of focus: Spiritual Recovery, Missional Recovery, Administration, and PDA Villages. The IRT sees the spiritual recovery as the most important component of efforts. Spiritual Recovery will be the driving force behind all our long-term recovery missional efforts. Spiritual recovery within our presbytery could involve, among other things, revitalization of our clusters for prayer, worship and fellowship, pastor-to-pastor mentoring, use of spiritual disciplines, caring for the caregivers, pulpit supply to relieve overburdened pastors, care for congregations through Stephen’s Ministry or other caring networks.

The Missional Recovery will seek to connect churches in need with churches with resources to meet those needs. We will be working on building partnerships between congregations, Sunday School classes, youth groups etc. so that those churches who are facing huge challenges will know that there are sisters and brothers who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them. The church-to-church connection will be critical as we move from relief efforts to long-term recovery. We are also developing a database of information about churches which are willing to host work groups and we will also be exploring ways of involving youth in the recovery effort.

The establishment of two Volunteer Villages in the presbytery will be central to serving our communities which have been devastated. One village will be established in an area that serves Galveston and areas north of the island. Another village will be set up in the Golden Triangle. Each village will house between 90-120 volunteers who will be sent to worksites to rebuild homes and lives. PDA is working hard to get the first village serving the greater Galveston area set up in early November. The second village in the Golden Triangle area will follow soon after.

Administration is the necessary part of the work of the IRT to make sure that we maintain our connections with PDA and interfaith groups during this long-term recovery period. We are also recruiting a volunteer financial person to establish appropriate and transparent controls and lines of accountability for the financial aspects of this recovery effort. We anticipate that there will be a significant amount of money contributed to our Ike Recovery Fund. The funds entrusted to our care will be appropriately and wisely managed. The IRT will continue to provide updates by email and posting on our website and blog to be sure that everyone has the same information.

Tricia Pogue, our Volunteer Coordinator for Ike Recovery will be sending the updates beginning later this week. You can expect to receive email from her at: pda@clpc.org. The IRT is especially interested in sharing stories of faith, hope and encouragement in these updates.

Sondra Tucker, the Director of Music at ChristChurch, Bellaire offers the following: “I have written a piece of music for handbells that I am distributing to anyone who makes a $25 or larger contribution to PDA or another local area relief organization. The details are at http://www.houstonhandbells.org/ike.html. Since so many of our congregations have handbell ensembles, I hope that you will consider forwarding this message in your next e-letter. I am proud to report that in the two days the piece has been posted, it has collected almost $1000 for disaster recovery from organizations across the country.”

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike Cole's Monday the 29th Update

I’m starting out today’s update with a paragraph from Carol Tompkins email to her congregation – Westminster PC in Beaumont. Carol’s advice is right on target for lots of folks in our presbytery.

“Please remember that we're once again dealing with a traumatic experience. Be gentle with yourselves and each other. Even if you didn't sustain major damage, the closeness to our Rita experience may trigger difficult moments. I know that for me there's just too much sky. I vaguely recall feeling the same thing after Rita, and it puts me in a bit of a fog whenever I realize there's just too much sky. I suspect when my neighbors start getting their roofs repaired, the sound of nailguns will probably trigger similar feelings. For others, it may be scents or different sounds; remembered landscapes that just don't look right, or any of a number of random senses. Don't try to brush it off and ignore it. Acknowledge what you're feeling, recognize it for what it is, and do whatever it takes to heal and get beyond it. We each go through the process of recovery in our own ways. Respect that in yourself and one another. It's another long journey we'll be taking with this one. Know that we are each wrapped in the never-ending love of Jesus as we once again go through the process of healing.”

Yesterday, I worshipped with FPC, Dickinson, FPC, Galveston and Emmanuel PC, Galveston. Each worship service was distinct and beautifully led. There were a lot of heartfelt prayers and tears among the members as they shared stories of the storm and what they are facing. These congregations are courageous as they face an enormous challenge because they know that they do not face these difficulties alone.

Don’t forget our presbytery-wide worship on Sunday, October 5 at 3 pm at FPC, Dickinson and Trinity PC, Port Neches as we praise the Lord for seeing us through this crisis, hold one another in prayer, celebrate communion and enjoy the fellowship of the family.

Tricia Pogue, our Presbytery Volunteer Coordinator for Ike Recovery has a new direct phone line in her office at CLPC – (281) 957-5859. Tricia’s email is: pda@clpc.org. Please contact Tricia for assistance, if you want to volunteer or if your church would be wiling to host work groups.

Photo Request - This request came in from Shane Whisler, the Director of Communications for the Synod of the Sun: anyone with any hurricane damage photos, please mail to Shane Whisler, Synod's director of communications: editor@pnnews.com. We cannot use photos from other company/news websites.

Our Ike Recovery Team is beginning to solicit churches that have the wherewithal to “adopt” or partner with a church in need. If your session or church would be interested in this partnership, please contact Tricia Pogue.

Those who would like to be trained as a spiritual care giver in disaster situations may attend the Spiritual Care Team Training event in Dallas on October 13(noon)-14 ( 3 pm). For more information, email Rick Carus - rick@gracepresbytery.org

A fund is available for any congregation needing disaster recovery financial assistance. Requests for up to $10,000 can be made by any congregation on behalf of itself or one or more individuals. Please complete the grant application on our website and mail to the Presbytery of New Covenant. Please contact Lisa Simpkins, Outreach Ministries Committee, at 713.412.3396 or lsimpkins@fulbright.com if you have any questions.


News from SETIO (Southeast Texas Interfaith Organization) in their recovery efforts in the Golden Triangle, reported by Harland Merriam:

1. PRESBYTERIAN CLUSTER IN OUR AREA. Pastors and lay leaders from five of our area's ten PC(USA) Congregations met for lunch on Thursday, September 25th. Mary Marcotte, our Associate Presbyter for New Covenant Presbytery met with us, too. The congregations were: Trinity Port Neches, First Jasper, Pioneer Beaumont, Westminster Beaumont, St. Andrews Beaumont. We did a "roll call" finding out how each one of us was doing, how our members were doing, and how our church buildings were doing. We talked together about the PDA Village proposal, about how the Presbytery was organizing, and about a joint worship time on October 5th at Trinity Presbyterian in Port Neches. We'll meet again in a month, working on several projects in the interim.

2. SETIO "TABLE". Approximately 40 folks met at the second weekly SETIO "table" on Thursday afternoon from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. We shared information about both Relief and Long Term Recovery efforts in progress. The key Long Term Recovery players include United Methodist, Lutheran, Disciples, Presbyterians, Southern Baptists, and Christian Reformed.


As Chair, I convened the SETIO Board of Directors after the "table" meeting. We confirmed our roll as the larger, umbrella organization for our region, seeing ourselves as pulling together and organizing the "table" for the Long Term Disaster Recovery Effort. We still have some defining to do as to the effective functioning of this "table". Several state and denominational groups have asked us to play this function. Also, earlier in the week, the local VOAD also confirmed the benefit of us assuming this function. We will be adding new Board Members at our meeting next week, to include more leaders from across our region.


I know our area recovery work has been very effective with our Case Management Round Table, which has not been led by SETIO, but by another of our area organization case management leaders. This group has done outstanding work with training volunteer case managers, bringing together various organizations to communicate and coordinate cases over the past three years. I hope we will re-energize this excellent work.

We are asking the "Directors" of the major Long Term Recovery Groups to meet sometime next week to talk together about these two elements: SETIO organizing the "table" for Long Term work, and someone organizing a regional cooperative effort for the Case Management elements of the work.

We do not yet have agreement on the Volunteer Coordination or the Construction Management elements of the Long Term Recovery effort. I have submitted the information to our Presbyterian Call Center with Beverly Antilley as the local contact for Presbyterian groups coming to our area. I believe she has already scheduled three Presbyterian volunteer groups for the next several weeks. I would expect these groups to work with case/construction management in both the SETIO and UMCOR efforts.

Beaumont, Pioneer – Lloyd Crosby reports that the church had its south-facing stained glass window blown in and its steeple ripped off. A Presbyterian Disaster Assistance team was able to get by and put blue tarps over the damage to keep out the elements. We have rain water damage, but not too much mildew. We have been running the air conditioner full blast to dry it out as much as we can.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What PDA is Doing and Where to Send Contributions

Today's Update from GP Rev. Mike Cole:

I know that some of you receiving these updates are wondering why the Presbytery or PDA isn’t coordinating immediate work sites and projects. The most direct answer is that other faith and volunteer groups are already equipped to organize for short-term immediate relief. We do not need to reinvent the wheel, when others specialize in this part of the recovery effort.

Presbyterians have stepped up to the challenge of long-term recovery work, which takes time to organize for a sustained effort over a period of months or years. Many of the groups and organizations who specialize in the short-term relief work will be gone within a few weeks. That’s when the Presbytery and PDA efforts will go into effect. Thus, for now, the best way for individuals or groups to serve is through SETIO in the Golden Triangle, Volunteer Houston or UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). After all, the name under which we all serve is Jesus Christ, not just Presbyterian.

The Ike Recovery Team will be working on ways to establish partnerships between churches in need with churches with resources. Your church does not have to wait to establish a partnership – please feel free to initiate this on your own. It would help us to know what is happening, so give Tricia a call.

Contributions for Hurricane Ike Recovery may be sent to:

The Presbytery of New Covenant

1110 Lovett Blvd.

Houston, TX 77006

Memo line: Ike Recovery Fund

Contributions for the 2008 hurricane recovery efforts may be sent to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: www.pcusa.org/pda

By the way, I plan on taking tomorrow and Saturday off as much as possible so the next update will come out on Sunday or Monday.

Just a reminder: Sunday, October 5 at 3 pm will be the time for our presbytery to gather in two locations: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Port Neches and First Presbyterian Church in Dickinson. We will celebrate communion, praise God, give thanks, prayer for all our churches by name and enjoy the fellowship of the presbytery family. Please make plans to attend and bring as many in your congregation as possible. We’d love to overflow both sites with praising Presbyterians!

Tricia Pogue, our Presbytery Volunteer Coordinator for Ike Recovery has a new direct phone line in her office at CLPC – (281) 957-5859. Tricia’s email is: pda@clpc.org. Please contact Tricia for assistance, if you want to volunteer or if your church would be wiling to host work groups.

Contact Information for the Army Corp of Engineers Blue Roof Program – (832) 851-3920. Blue rood tarps are available for pick up to protect homes with roof damage. You may also request someone to deliver and install the tarp.

Everyone should be aware that there are some fraud activities in our area. FEMA does not go door to door and they do not ask anyone to fill out forms. All FEMA representatives have photo ID’s. If there is any doubt about a person at your door, ask them to return later. Then report the incident to FEMA.

FEMA urges those in need to hold on to finances as long as possible until FEMA can coordinate assistance. The needs are enormous and they are working as fast as they can.

Church and Congregation Updates:

Livingston, FPC – The clerk/church secretary reports that the church has major damage to the sanctuary. The upstairs ceiling ended up in the parlor, narthex and nursery. There was water damage to the activity building also. Both buildings are unusable for the time being but we are well on the way with removal of moldy stuff. All activities and worship will be in the fellowship building. We thank God for this new building even more than before. We were able to have one service last week – more of a prayer and praise. Hopefully this week we will have both services.

Presbytery Volunteer Recovery Coordinator Named

September 24 Update

We have a Presbytery Volunteer Coordinator for Ike RecoveryTricia Pogue, a member of FPC, Pasadena and wife of Dean Pogue, the pastor is being trained in this volunteer position. Tricia will have an office at CLPC. As soon as we have a direct line installed for her, we’ll get that information out. In the meantime, she can be contacted by phone at: 281-488-6850 x330 or email at pda@clpc.org

Tricia’s responsibilities are:

  1. Answer phone calls and direct volunteers to the proper resource so that they may respond to the disaster
  2. Track requests for assistance
  3. Refer inquires for donations to the proper source for designation (presbytery or PDA)
  4. Collecting information on the skills that are available from a group
  5. Referring skills summary to a project manager for follow-through when appropriate
  6. Create and mange the database of volunteer groups and skills and refer to the project manager
  7. When Villages are operational, follow up with interested groups and review procedures for referring registrations to the PDA National Call Center
  8. Work collaboratively with the Project Manager, Case Manager, and other resource persons as they come on line
  9. To assume responsibilities as requested


Tricia Pogue, needs information on churches who are willing to host work groups. If your church could host a group, call Tricia and register your church as a host.

Opportunities to serve:

Volunteer Houston has a website up and running to register to volunteer at worksites - http://www.volunteerhouston.org/

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has worksites ready for immediate work. To register teams for volunteer for work: www.txcumc.org

Go to Volunteers then Register. Any questions- call Kathie Mann at 713-521-9383.

Ralph Hendricks is a volunteer working the Surfside, Freeport and Angleton area

Ph: 979-236-3630. Ms. Lee Thornton is working the Bayou Vista, Alvin, Texas City and Dickinson area - Ph: 409-925-1216. Register your work team, give them what they can do and how soon they can come. Also advise if your group needs housing.

The Golden Triangle continues to need work groups. To register, call Beverly Antilley is our Golden Triangle Volunteer Coordinator. Her phone 409 223-0118 She can handle groups coming in with work assignments and accommodations and other information.

Photo Request - This request came in from Shane Whisler, the Director of Communications for the Synod of the Sun: anyone with any hurricane damage photos, please mail to Shane Whisler, Synod's director of communications: editor@pnnews.com. We cannot use photos from other company/news websites.

Sunday, October 5 at 3 pm will be the time for our presbytery to gather in two locations: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Port Neches, and First Presbyterian Church in Dickinson. We will celebrate communion, praise God, give thanks, prayer for all our churches by name and enjoy the fellowship of the presbytery family. Please make plans to attend and bring as many in your congregation as possible. We’d love to overflow both sites with praising Presbyterians!

The Golden Triangle Cluster (they call it the Geneva Cluster) is gathering tomorrow at noon at St. Andrew’s in Beaumont for prayer, mutual support and encouragement. This is a great idea for all our clusters.

Here are today’s reports from our churches:

Tiki Island – C.O. Magee reports that Tiki Chapel made it okay. Lost front stairs but have back stairs. Worshiped there Sunday under the sanctuary. Security guards are using sanctuary for dorm so they can sleep in the day and guard island at night. Tiki is really a mess!

LaMarque – C. O. Magee reports that the church did great. Worshiped there Sunday too outside. Just got electricity Sunday afternoon. Glad everyone around here made it okay. Some houses gone though. Lots and lots of destruction.

Galveston, Westminster – Barrett Ingram reports that the church and his home are both fine. They plan on worshipping at the building on Sunday.

Jones Creek, Gulf Prairie – Tommy Badders reports some minor damage to the sanctuary roof but no leakage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily Update from GP Rev. Mike Cole

September 23 Update from General Presbyter Rev. Mike Cole:

The General Council met today and approved the formation of an Ike Recovery Team. The IRT is authorized to meet the immediate needs of the presbytery following the hurricane. Members of the IRT at present are:

Rev. Alan Brehm

Rev. Tom Sharon

Rev. Steve Oglesbee

Rev. Mary Currie

Rev. Pat Clark

Rev. Margaret Desmond

Arnetta Boson

Melissa Brown

The General Council also appointed a planning team to organize two simultaneous worship/communion/fellowship opportunities on Sunday, October 5 (World Communion Sunday) at 3 pm in the Golden Triangle and South Harris County/North Galveston County. As soon as we have the location details, we’ll get the word out. This will be a great time for us as a family to gather to praise God, share our stories and to hear first-hand what is happening in the recovery effort.

We are still seeking someone to serve as a financial officer for the IRT. We also need volunteers to help us for the next couple of months in the following areas:

Worksite Assignment Manger – someone to work with the Volunteer Coordinator in assigning work groups to work sites

Case Workers - people to do on-site visits of families needing assistance. It would be especially helpful to have folks with degrees in social work.

The Golden Triangle area is prepared to receive work groups immediately. Beverly Antilley is our Golden Triangle Volunteer Coordinator. Her phone 409 223-0118 She can handle groups coming in with work assignments and accommodations and other information.

Clean up buckets can be take to Clear Lake Presbyterian Church. CLPC will oversee the distribution of the buckets to the community.

Here are the reports we have received today:

Livingston, FPC – Star Starling reports: The building that houses the sanctuary has a great deal of damage. The oldest building that was called the Activity Building (where we ate supper last year for the Fall Conference) has been damaged too. Both buildings now have mold.

Orange, FPC Jeannie Alexander, Clerk of the Session reports the following:

  • Microbial growth is present in the Fellowship Hall on the ceiling, walls, and furniture.
  • Hatch blew off the roof and let water in through the Sanctuary.
  • Thermal imaging was done and traced the track of the water from the roof where it went throughout the building.
  • Drains were displaced during the storm on top of the building and let water directly in through the pipes.
  • Two return vents in the hardwood floor of Fellowship Hall are drains that lead to the basement, thus how the water entered the Basement.
  • We have no flood insurance. Tidal surge is considered flood water for insurance. We have an 80,000 dollar deductible for our insurance policy on the Lutcher building as per our insurance reps.
  • Basement had less water in it than the flood water outside. Debris line outside was not to the entrance of the church. If it were flood water, it would be equal to the height of the flood water outside.
  • No debris got into the church. Debris line in the yard is the key.
  • The flood was salt water. Basement was pumped and cleaned and there is no evidence of salt water sediment in the basement. It appears the water came from the roof down.
  • Organ pipe chamber was assessed and photographed as well. Microbial growth is present in there as well.
  • Hardwood floors in Fellowship hall were “cupping” from the water. 60% chance they will not lie back down. Floors are unique with the crawl space under the hardwood floors between the floors and the concrete. Concrete and crawl space is being dried now. If we had to install a new floor, a protection could be put in place.
  • Microbial growth is covered by insurance if it is caused by the damage from the storm.
  • The basement has sewage on the wall.
  • Relative humidity was 91.8% when LCI got here.
  • Items are being packed out, cleaned, and put into PODs outside stored cleaned.
  • Water did not run on top of the ceiling in Fellowship Hall. It ran down the drains and the humidity made the ceiling sweat and that was the cause of the microbial growth.
  • Trough around the dome that houses the lights is holding water.
  • Molding in the Sanctuary has fallen down where it got wet.
  • There is water saturation in the Good Shepherd stain glass window frame.
  • Wall by the big columns in the front of the sanctuary by the angels also has 4-5 foot water intrusion in the ceiling there.
  • Fellowship hall ceiling is sagging. When cleaning it, it is possible that the plaster could start to fall.