Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GA Worship Observations

From General Presbyter Rev. Mike Cole:

Imagine having to coordinate two simultaneous worship services (with about 4,000 participants in each) so that they would blend into one - that's the daunting task that faced the worship organizers for Sunday morning worship at GA. They actually pulled it off rather well. Each location had a full 200 voice choir, organists, orchestra and a full compliment of worship leaders. One sermon was delivered by the outgoing Moderator, Joan Gray. The music was wonderful, although it all tended toward the classical rather than incorporating contemporary music.

We recognized new chaplains in the military and commissioned young adult volunteers for international mission. Two of the new volunteers are from New Covenant - Elizabeth Cluff from Bryan, who is going to Belfast, and John Stanger from Bethel West Columbia, who is going to South India. We also commissioned long-term volunteers, one of whom is Vicki Smith from Webster who will be teaching in Jamaica. And we also commissioned young adult interns, one of whom is Tiffany Gonzalez, from the Woodlands, who is serving in the Office of Women's Advocacy. Communion was celebrated and a real sense of energy filled both worship venues. It was a grand way to start the day.

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