Friday, June 27, 2008

Musings From Marcotte

From Associate General Presbyter Mary Marcotte:

I'm back at my desk in the presbytery office and had the LONG flight home on Thursday to reflect on what I have experienced so far.

The Assembly is indeed a family reunion. It was good to reconnect with folks with whom I've been engaged in ministry in other parts of the country through the years. I had the opportunity to visit with a variety of folks, including my son's college chaplain (Go Rhodes!), a young woman who interned with our youth group back when my young adult children were in middle school who is now a pastor in a small church in OK, several women with whom I did committee work back in Washington, DC and more.

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the Assembly. As I entered the Exhibit Hall, I was struck by how many more National staff types I know now than I did when I began working in New Covenant. It is far easier to pick up a phone and make a call - and be heard - when you know the person.

Folks have asked me what I'd say about the proceedings so far...

If I had to sum up in one word, I'd say I have a huge spirit of hope.

I am so impressed by our new Moderator. Bruce Reyes-Chow is sharp and funny and faithful. He clearly gets the tension between honoring the tradition and moving into the future that God is preparing for us. When his eleven year old daughter offered prayers for her dad's service to the church, I confess that I was a little weepy. Listen to him talk with our own Shawn Coombs over at decently.org. There is a terrific post election interview on podcast.

I am so impressed with so many of the YADs and TSADs I have heard speak in committee hearings and then on the floor. We have articulate, faithful and committed young people in our denomination. They care deeply about the church and Christ's teachings.

It's time to get ready to follow the Stated Clerk's election proceedings on streaming video. Debbie Cenko wowed the Assembly with her nominating speech. for Casey Jones We'll see what happens next.

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