Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PNC Goes To the Hawg's

From Stated Clerk Rev. Diane Prevary:

Tuesday evening: San Jose, CA.....

A free night for commissioners, IF their committee work is completed. Well, some are free and some are not. The folks from our presbytery who could, gathered with Mike, Mary, Wendy and me at Hawg's Seafood Restaurant for a delightful time of conversation and good food!

Mark , Jean, Libby, Monica and George have completed their work, but Herb and Gene and Debbie had to return for more tonight. Sam and his wife, Gloria, opted to share food and fellowship with the National Asian Presbyterian Council, and also had to return to work tonight. Dave Peterson flew home to conduct a funeral tomorrow for a long-term member of MDPC, but will return for the remainder of the week.

Other friends also joined us for dinner: Shawn Coons (AP, St. Philip); Martha Langford (former PNC staff member and minister-member of Chicago Presbytery; Carol Tompkins, David and Judy Fletcher (Snyod Exec); Ellie Cole, Vicky Jones (AP, MDPC) and Casey Jones (candidate for Stated Clerk), and Dave Steane ( Executive Pastor MDPC).

Many thanks to Carrie Walker for making the dinner arrangements for us!

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