Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tatoos and MORE at the GA Exhibit Hall!

From Stated Clerk Rev. Diane Prevary

If you are a shopper, the Exhibit Hall is where you want to be in San Jose! Between Cokesbury and the Global Marketplace (SERRV and Fair Trade type products), 1/2 of the Exhibit Hall is devoted to books, pottery, woven products (fabric and baskets), jewelry, vestments, communion-ware, coffee products and the like. (Editor's Note: see previous post about the Calvin bobbleheads that I am coveting.)

The other half of the Hall is set up in display booths, one of which is "run" by the Association of Stated Clerks. While it may be difficult to imagine exactly what a group of stated clerks might have to offer the public, you would be amazed at how many folk stop by to be tattooed! Yes, you read correctly. We offer to "brand" folks with the PC(USA) seal -- tattooing them with the colorful symbol of our denomination! My own suggestion is that in wearing the tattoo, we are showing the world that the church is welcoming of pierced and tattooed persons! Well, the YAD's seem to appreciate that perspective.....

We also give out candy -- everyone needs extra sugar at GA -- and free polity advice! Again, you would be surprised at how many folk engage us in conversation about how the church works, and why. Warms the hearts of all of us polity-wonks!

Speaking of whom .... if you are one and haven't availed yourself of the closer look at what's happening here, log onto www.pcusa.org, and then to the GA link, and then to "PC-biz." If you register with a user name and password, you will be able to access all of the business before the assembly and see exactly what actions the committees are taking on each overture. It is amazing that for so many years we hauled tons of paper back and forth around GA, and now we have it all available at a keystroke!

Today is a social day for those of us from New Covenant. In addition to the committee work that continues, folks from the Synod of the Sun will gather together for lunch, and from our presbytery for dinner. This will give us two opportunities to touch base with each other and see how we are doing, as well as how the various committees are handling their business. Time is short before the assembly returns to plenary tomorrow.

{The tree is named "Jacaranda" -- from the mimosa family -- and is absolutely beautiful. I wonder if it will grow in southeast Texas?????}

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