Monday, June 23, 2008

Stated Clerk Race Is On!

From Stated Clerk Rev. Diane Prevary:

Just before the dinner break tonight Debbie Cenko placed in nomination for the office of Stated Clerk, the name of Casey Jones from the Presbytery of New Covenant. Debbie's speech was filled with energy and conviction, a touch of humor, and was straight-forward and to-the-point! She nailed it! The election, however, is not until Friday. This gives the candidates time to meet the commissioners and for the current Stated Clerk to complete the work of this assembly.

I could not get close enough to take Debbie's picture on the platform while she was giving her speech, but I did capture a bit of her image on the large-screen monitor (see attached). I was also able to track down several of our commissioners (see attached) as they returned to the Plenary from a day filled with activities.

The committee meetings began tonight following dinner. The focus of the next two days will be the business of the assembly as assigned out to the 17 Standing Committees of this General Assembly. Each of our commissioners are assigned to different committees, so they will not be together again until they return to the Plenary on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I will speak before the committee that has received our overture petitioning the Board of Pensions to expand their benefits to include habilitative services for members of the medical plan (the ChristChurch Overture). Mike Cole will be tracking the activity around our overture from 1st Church, Pearland, concerning the Church Addressing Intergenerational Injustice in America. Mary Marcotte and Wendy Bailey are tracking the work of particular committees, and we will all be together on Tuesday night with our commissioners and friends who are here from New Covenant. It promises to be a busy week!

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