Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sighting: Calvin Bobbleheads

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. It's a John Calvin bobblehead doll. Apparently they are being sold at PresbyFest in San Jose (a/k/a General Assembly). I SO want one for the dashboard of my car. Wouldn't that be cool? Much better than a plastic Jesus. Won't one of our New Covenanters bring one back for me? Please?


Becky Ardell Downs said...

I bet if y'all brought back a case of these you could sell them at the next presbytery meeting. not that I'm advocating selling stuff at presbytery meetings. I just reeeeeeeally want a calvin bobblehead.

RevDi said...

Okay, folks, I can see I will have to do some homework on this. As it turns out, the Calvin Bobbleheads are not for sale here! They are the prize for drawings, several times a day -- at the college ministries booth! I put my name in for all of today's drawings -- just for Jody! This isn't gambling, is it?????